Women of Distinction

These Women of Distinction have made exemplary contributions to their fields and raised up other women and girls in our community, and we are proud to have them as honorary life long members of YWCA Moncton.


Left to right: Amanda Hachey (Community Building and Volunteerism), Nicole Robichaud (YWCA Honorary Recognition Award), Jeannette Mambo (Young Women of Distinction), Debbie McInnis (Non-Profit and Public Service), Aldéa Landry (Buisness and the Professions), Janet Crawford (Arts, Culture and Design), Roxanne Rupps (Health and Wellness)




Back row, left to right : Claudette Bradshaw (Community Building & Volunteerism), Marilyn Trenholme Counsell (YWCA Honorary Recognition Award), Dacia Robertson (Education, Training & Development), Kayla Allain (Young Woman of Distinction)
Front row, left to right: Michelle Marcil (Health & Wellness), Lourdes O’Reilly (Arts, Culture & Design), Ruth Barnes (Business & the Professions), Hélène Boudreau (Non-Profit & Public Service)


Left to right: Kathryn M. Barnes (Non-Profit & Public Service), Dianne VanDommelen, (Arts, Culture & Design), Karen Arsenault (Health & Wellness), Kaitlyn Enright (Young Woman of Distinction), Denise Albert-Lanteigne, (Education, Training & Development), Betty Rubin Druckman (Business & the Professions), Annette Vautour (Community Building & Volunteerism), Simone LeBlanc-Rainville (YWCA Honorary Recognition Award)


Back row, left to right: Estelle Lanteigne (Young Woman of Distinction), Johanne Petitpas (Community Building & Volunteerism), Ruth Beers (YWCA Honorary Recognition Award), Sandra Foreman (Education, Training & Development), Lia Carinci (accepting for her mother, Michelle Carinci; Business & the Professions)
Front row, left to right: Sylvie Lirette (Non-Profit & Public Service), Monique Richard (Arts, Culture & Design), Helen MacDonnell (Health & Active Living)                       


Back row, left to right: Colleen Furlotte (Arts, Culture & Design), Melody Munroe (Business & the Professions), Cathy Bates (Community Building & Volunteerism), Lynda Carey (Non-Profit & Public Service)
Front row, left to right: Chantal Thanh Laplante (Young Woman of Distinction), Cathy Rogers (Education, Training & Development), Joanne Murray (YWCA Honorary Recognition Award)
Absent: Paula Morand (Health & Active Living)


Back row, left to right: Terri Surette Croft (Young Woman of Distinction), Vera Milan Gervais (Business & the Professions), Nicola MacNaughton (Health & Active Living), Dawn Arnold (Arts, Culture & Design), Anne Arseneault (Community Building & Volunteerism)
Front row, left to right: Maureen Craig McIntosh (Education, Training & Development), Nancy J. Hartling (Non-Profit & Public Service), Ginette Petitpas Taylor (YWCA Honorary Recognition Award)         


Left to right: Kristine Acker (Women in Wellness), Gabrielle Maillet (Lifetime Achievement), Sue Calhoun (Women in Public Community Service), Wilma Evans, (Women in Work)
Absent: Susan Chalmers Gauvin (Women in Art & Culture), Patricia Harknett (Women in Volunteerism)


Back row, left to right: Dr. Susan Crouse (Women in Wellness), Lee Saunders (Women in Art & Culture), Mary Laltoo (Women in Public Community Service)
Front row, left to right: Lauriel Richard (Women in Volunteerism), Glen Agnew (accepting for his wife Rita Agnew; posthumous Lifetime Achievement), Sherry Sparks (Women in Work)


Left to right: Debby Warren (Women in Work), Brigitte Brown (Women in Wellness), Lynn Daigle (Women in Art & Culture), Mary Brachaniec (Lifetime Achievement), Anne Robichaud (Women in Volunteerism), Connie Melanson (Women in Public Community Service)