A YWCA Membership Connects You With a Movement

YWCAs around the world are built and shaped by membership, a principle and tradition that YWCA Moncton values and upholds.

Our memberships are philosophical. By joining the YW, you’re making a statement: the needs of women and girls are important and that gender justice and equity must be fundamental goals for our community. Through membership, you’re supporting the existence of a YWCA in your community, as well as the existence of YWCA Canada and the World YWCA. Your membership supports and champions the YWCA movement around the globe.

Individuals are not required to be members to access YW programs and services. Membership is, however, required to vote at YWCA Moncton’s Annual General Meeting, where business matters are settled and the Board of Directors is elected. We do welcome youth (boys and girls) and men as members, though they do not vote at the Annual General Meeting. If the cost of membership is prohibitive for you, please reach out to us to discuss discounted or sponsored membership.

If you’re interested in sponsoring membership for an economically marginalized member of our community, please contact our office or click the register button below, and select the “Sponsoring a membership” option offered.