Grief Support Groups

We regularly offer Rainbows, a grief-support program for children, youth and adults. This group-based program fosters emotional healing for those grieving a loss due to a life-altering crisis (death of a loved one, changing family dynamics, etc.). Participants meet once a week for 12 weeks to work through a Rainbows journal. Learn more about the Rainbows. The following Rainbows groups are offered based on community need:
Rainbows is an emotional healing program to assist children and youth from age 5 to 13 in coping with death, divorce, and other painful family transitions.

Spectrum Groups help teens share feelings and thoughts about their loss with others their own age. Young adults need a chance to express their feelings, positive and negative.

Kaleidoscope Groups provide peer support for young adults who experienced death, divorce, or other painful transition in their past.

Prism Groups provide single- and step-parents the opportunity to mend the memories, heal the hurts, and once again, have the hope for a bright future. Prism is designed to have you take an honest look at the person you are today and the parent you are to your children.

For more information on upcoming Rainbows sessions or to request one in your community, please contact Karen Geraghty at (506) 855-4349 or