No Fixed Address

Sept 7th-8th | St-Anselme Rotary Park, Dieppe 

What is No Fixed Address?

No Fixed Address is an event experience to raise awareness and funds to help solve the rising problem of hidden homelessness, to educate about the reasons behind those who are calling their car “home”, and to impact individuals through an experience that will inspire them to be the voice of change for the “hidden homeless.”

No Fixed Address –is a 14 hour Live-In-Your-Car-A-Thon. Like a marathon or a walk-a-thon, participants will gather sponsorships from friends and family and take part in an event that gives them a taste of what it is like to have to live in their car.
Over the course of 14 hours participants will experience just how little room a car has when you sleep in it.  They will be stretched and challenged. They will want to laugh, cry and reflect. They will leave forever changed.

How will No Fixed Address help the YWCA?
Funds raised will go to YWCA’s Home for All programs, which address the housing needs of the cities' vulnerable families while providing the following supports to them and the community at-large:
  • Essentials - Transportation, childcare, and housing
  • Wellness - Peer support, personal development, and resource navigation
  • Education - Lifeskills, financial literacy, and employability
  • Leadership - Mentorship, volunteerism and recognition
  • Registration Fee $20
  • Individuals commit to raising $100+ 
  • Children & youth accompanying adults are free





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