Because You Are a Girl

Posted October 12, 2016

   If you know me you know I am a very determined girl! One of the things that are SO dear to my heart is my Family. My parents came to this country as immigrants. They came here to make a better life for me and my little sister, and I don’t take that for granted. Right now some of my family are still in Liberia and things are still pretty bad after the war! Poverty and hunger is everywhere! The only families that stand a chance of a good life are that ones that have some family in the western world and have education in their family. Since I was a little girl that’s all I ever wanted to do, just help my family!  I firmly believe that there are millions of immigrant children who just want to do that same thing.I love my family and all I want is the best for them! Ask any immigrant child about their family and that’s where it hits home, epically for me!  One of the ways that I surely believe l will help them is through school and gaining knowledge! I want my family to look at me and say “even if we couldn’t have it I’m happy that some of us could”. Usually in different cultures they would depend on the male to help the family out but in my case I’m about to make a change because when I want to do something, NOTHING stands in my way! 
 So, when I heard that about 66 million girls around the world were being denied their right to an willpower and need to help their family just like me; the gate to that is just striped away from them! People think a girl is nothing, but and educated girl is what you have to watch out for!! There are thousands of girls who were deprived of education at a young age and when they do get that opportunity to go back to school some of them don’t even bother, because that willpower and inner strength is gone and they feel like there’s nothing they can do anymore! But the ones, who still have hope, go back in school and end up in grades like the second or the third! These girls are being denied an education right at a time when they have the power to change their lives, family and the world around them. When I hear a girl say I’m just a girl or I can’t because I’m a girl, I just want to scream YOU CAN BECAUSE YOU ARE A GIRL!! I think of all the power that comes with education and knowledge, and the things you can do with it and how it’s just being pushed away from girls! Think about it 66 million girls will do anything to help their families, and their running a race, a race that will NEVER end if the education they NEED is being kicked and pushed away from them! It very important that girls stay in school, because when they do, not only will they know their rights but they’ll have the key to unlock any door they want!! 
I will have you know that girls are either being denied their right to an education or just not going because of very stupid reasons! Reasons like: a lack of girls-only washrooms is one of the main reasons teenage girls in the developing world stop attending school! When I heard that, I had to smack my forehead and I almost fainted!!

Aaliyah Lahai, Strong Girls Strong World Council Member (written at age 13)

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